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BRATTLEBORO — Ryan Roberts made eight trifectas and finished with 39 points to guide Dixon Painters to a 100-87 victory over Hazel in a men’s basketball league game on Sunday at the Gibson-Aiken Center.

James Vaughn swished 10 free throws and paced G.S. Precision with 24 points in an 83-75 win over HWP. Ryan Bezio followed with 19 of his own.

In Friday’s action, RH Thackston Realtors downed The Mallers 84-77. Dylan DeJordy (27 points) and Keith Lyman (25) did the damage for the winners.

Dixon Painters 100-87

Dixon Painters: Ryan Roberts 39 points, Danny Donaghue 22 points, Jeff Dixon 15 points, Jay Vinci 13 points, Jeremy Thomas 11 points.

Hazel: Tom Manning 31 points, Jake Kidney 21 points, Trey Sparks 21 points, Teddy Knutson 9 points, Henry Ireland 5 points.

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G.S. Precision 83-75

G.S. Precision: James Vaughn 24 points, Ryan Bezio 19 points, Jeff Palmer 14 points, Jeremy Wolfram 12 points, James Bezanson 7 points, Haydyn Patenaude 3 points, Rob Shaw 2 points.

HPW: Scott Edwards 19 points, Nate Gleason 14 points, Paul Trudeau 10 points, Brett Eastman 8 points, Jeff Anderson 8 points, Adam Smith 5 points, Zane Bullins 5 points, Shane Smyth 3 points.

RH Thackston 84-77

RH Thackston: Dylan DeJordy 27 points, Keith Lyman 25 points, Shane Spivey 17 points, Rob Dichard 13 points, Steve Sparks 2 points.

The Mallers: Chris McAuliffe 27 points, Isaac Roach 23 points, Connor Elliot-Knaggs 11 points, Max Bostwick 9 points, Kyle Patno 4 points, Michael Rooney 1 point.

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