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BRATTLEBORO — 2021 was the Year of the Ox.

The Leland & Gray varsity girls soccer team would hitch its cart to Abby Towle, who went on to score a program-record 28 goals during her squad’s magical run. Meanwhile, the Purple Gang’s offensive line was busy plowing the way for over 3,500 yards on the ground.

The past 12 months will also be remembered for an ice hockey prophecy, the Lady Pacers’ Plymouth rally, a 27-game winning streak by the BF Stickers, and a couple of tragic deaths.

For all of the area sports fans, it’s time for the 2021 final exam. Good luck!

1. Which type of defense did the Hinsdale varsity girls basketball team use to beat Colebrook in the Division 4 state championship game on March 14?

A. Press B. Box-and-one C. Zone D. Man

2. Twin Valley’s Luke Rizio earned a silver medal at states in which sport?

A. Tennis B. Golf C. Nordic skiing D. Wrestling

3. Who correctly predicted over the radio that the Brattleboro boys would beat Harwood 5-3 in the Division 2 state championship ice hockey game?

A. Audrina Libardoni B. Ian Kelley C. Natalie Knowles D. Dick DeGray

4. Leland & Gray softball player Hannah Landers wore which jersey number on May 18 in order to honor her late brother Dylan?

A. 1 B. 12 C. 23 D. 34

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5. Which team did Bellows Falls beat 57-35 on Nov. 13 in order to cap off a perfect 11-0 varsity football season?

A. Fair Haven B. MAU C. U-32 D. Rutland

6. Brattleboro resident Nicole “Queen” James is currently trying to raise $7,500 so that she can participate in which major event?

A. Iditarod B. World Series of Poker C. Boston Marathon D. Miss America

7. Jada Maria Spaulding Doyle started at which position during her final game with the Bellows Falls varsity softball team on April 24?

A. Pitcher B. Catcher C. Center field D. Second base

8. What did the Leland & Gray varsity girls soccer team do for the first time in 30 years?

A. Lost a home playoff game B. Lost a shootout C. Won a semifinal D. Went undefeated

9. BUHS grad Tony Martinez finished his college football career with 123 receptions for which university?

A. Castleton B. Plymouth State C. New Hampshire D. Boston University

10. What did Keene State College women’s basketball player Hailey Derosia do in a game on Nov. 9?

A. Dunked B. Scored 50 points C. Recorded a triple-double D. Made a full-court shot

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