A sparrow finds its forever home ...

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Editor's note: Cherie Rowe, of Winchester, N.H., writes from the point of view of a rescued sparrow.

My name is Charlie Jack Sparrow.

My human mommy rescued me when I was only one day old. You see, I was born with a deformity and my birth mom didn't want me so she kicked me out of the nest with no feathers and my eyes weren't opened up yet. I fell 10 feet, hitting the hard wood floor of the Gilsum, N.H. Post Office.

That's where the story begins. When my human mommy came along she saw how helpless I was. She didn't care that I was deformed. She loved me from the very start. She told me, it was love at first sight! How exciting for me! I have someone who loves me!

Mommy took me wherever she went. She knew that I needed a lot of love and needed to eat every 15 minutes. Mommy even brought me to see the Red Sox play. It was hard getting past security, because mommy hid me in her purse. She didn't know they would check it. But, five security guards later, and mommy and I got to watch the game! Bummer that they lost, but it was fun nevertheless.



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