Brattleboro seniors honored at awards ceremony

BRATTLEBORO — Seniors at Brattleboro Union High School were honored at the joint English and Modern and Classical Awards Ceremony at the school on May 29.

English Department

Olivia Howe received the Nancy Olson Literary Community Award. This award, in honor of longtime BUHS English Teacher and Department Chair Nancy Olson, recognizes an individual who demonstrates the qualities valued in literary communities: innovative thinking; intuitive and reasoned interpretation of literary and critical texts; articulate, logical speaking; and persuasive, original writing. Melody Crist was awarded Excellence in Writing, and Marjorie Shriver received an award for Excellence in Literature.

Senior electives

AP English: Language and Composition: Isaac Freitas-Eagan

Adventure reading: Kaylie Rosmarino

Good, evil and power: Olivia Zschirnt

Journalism: Grellia Winters

Modern culture: Makayla Smith

Mythology: Martin Sipowicz, Kai Boyd, Rhys Glennon,

Research: Olivia Howe

Revisiting children's literature: Melody Crist:

Speech and argumentation: Alejandro Toledo Cornman

TWE: Amber Sinclair

Yearbook: Emma Li

Modern and classical languages department

- Merit Awards

Novice Chinese: Charlie Johnson

Intermediate Chinese: Kai Boyd

Special commendation in Chinese: Emma Li

Intermediate French: Mya Petrie Mya

Advanced French: Janie Hawthorne, Zev Kazati-Morgan

Special commendation in French: Olivia Howe

Novice German: Colin Costa-Walsh

Intermediate German: Payton Lawrence, Annie Takacs

Latin 1: Molly Wrathall

Latin 2: River Shanti

Latin 3: Kayla Leonard-Houle

Novice Spanish: Kayla Haskins, Makayla Aldrich

- Collegiate High School Awards

Advanced French: Janie Hawthorne, Zev Kazati-Morgan, Marjorie Shriver

Advanced German: Olivia Howe

- Excellence Awards

Florence Allen: LatinMakayla Smith

Excellence in French: Marjorie Shriver

Excellence in German: Olivia Howe

Excellence in Spanish: Colton White


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