Brattleboro Union High School 2015 awards


Athletics: Leroy Johnson, Rebecca Freeman, Verne Watson and Asha DiMatteo-LePage.

Science: Conceptual Physics — Madison Derosia; AP Physics — Connor Tripp; Environmental Science and Policy — Louisa Strothman; Chris O'brien Science Award — Gabriela Sigda and Brennen Zolnoski.

Music: John Philip Sousa Award — John Sawyer Shaw; Bruce Noble Award — Owen Schneider; Jeremy Green Award — Julia Waldron; Arion Band Award — Andrew Gadowski; Louis Armstrong Award — John Sawyer Shaw; Woody Herman Award — Julia Waldron; National Choral Award — Julia Waldron; Arion Chorus Award — Wynona Meyer; Barbara Metz Award — Kristina Meima.

Modern and Classical Languages: French — Kobi Jaro; Notable achievement in Windham Regional Collegiate High School, Advanced French 1 — Robyn Avery and Sophie Zimmerman; Maggie Brown Cassidy Swiss Exchange Travel Leadership Award — Chrystal Zajchowski; Intermediate French — Kia Bailey-deBruijn; Certificate of recognition for pursuing opportunities in, and contributing to, the French program, Advanced French 2 — Grace LaPorte and Katie Reynolds; Excellence in German— Oliver Huestis; Notable achievement in Windham Regional Collegiate High School, Advanced German 1 — Oliver Huestis and Emma Truhan-Swanson; Germany Exchange Travel Leadership — Julia Waldron; Novice German — Rachael Cristofolini; Intermediate German — Randii Elie; German Teaching Assistant — Randii Elie; Florence Allen Award, Latin — Owen Schneider; Merit awards in Latin I — Jared Higley; Latin Teaching Assistant — Mieke Blaushild; Excellence in Spanish — Carolina Curvo, Aliza Racine; Notable achievement in Windham Regional Collegiate High School, Advanced Spanish2 — Carolina Curvo, Aliza Racine; Advanced Spanish 1 — Madison Derosia, Caitlin Nordheim; Merit award for Novice Spanish — Matthew Brookes; Merit awards in Intermediate Spanish — Haley Marcil, Abigail Shuey; Spanish Teaching Assistant — Haley Marcil; Spanish Club Recognition — Rosie Pofcher; Excellence in Chinese — John Sawyer-Shaw; Notable achievement in Windham Regional Collegiate High School, Chinese — John Sawyer-Shaw; Certificate of Recognition for pursuing opportunities in, and contributing to the program in modern language — Dimitar Radev.

2015 School Director's Award: Casey Manning. Gary Blomgren Scholarship: Ross Momaney, Greta Larson. Brett Esancy Memorial Scholarship: Maddison Derosia. Terril Allen Watson and Linda Watson Masters Scholarship: Hunter Siggins. Mark Bennett Memorial Scholarship: Chrystal Zajchowski. The Byron Stookey Scholarship Award: Alexa Wainwright. Class Of 1942 Memoriam Trophy And Award: Alexa Marie Wainwright, Tanmatra Bhanti. James Evans Scholarship: Natasha Elizabeth Clark. Ronald Squires Award Scholarship: Dakota Peterson. Susan Davis/Guilford Cares Scholarship: Sophie Zimmerman, Katelyn Damian. The Amber Marie Bernier Scholarship: Casey Greenleaf, Hunter Siggins, Saskia Bailey-de Bruijn, Daija Germain. BUHS Athletic Boosters Club Scholarships: Tanner Freeman, Brennen Zolnoski, Taylor Bird, Maddie Derosia. Charles Duzinski Scholarship: Oliver Huestis. Sharon Lea Porter scholarship: Emily Tanis. Kelsey Wells Memorial Scholarship: Alexa Wainwright, Melanie Smith. Kevin M. Squires Athletic Scholarship: Tanner Freeman. Kevin M. Squires Education Scholarship: Taylor Bird. Elizabeth And Irwin Powers Scholarship: Chorsum Wetchanukoh. Girls On The Run: Nina Goodhue and Abbie Lesure. Brattleboro Rotary And Gateway Foundation Scholarships: Tammati Bhanti and Nina Goodhue. Brattleboro Area Chamber Of Commerce: Leon Ogden. Broad Brook Grange, Guilford: Leon Ogden. Brattleboro Memorial Auxilary: Tylynn Kuralt. 2015 Marine Corps League: Leon Ogden. Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club: Casey Manning, Rebecca Freeman, Taylor Bird, Asha DiMatteo-LePape, Chorsom Wetchanukoh. WTSA Brattleboro Sports Scholarship: Daija Germain. AAUW: Chorsum Wetchanukoh. The Write Action Creative Writing Award: Aiden Harris. The Marty Jezer Award For Excellence In Journalism: Rachael Cristofolini. The Nancy Olson Literary Community Award: Gabriela Sigda. The Sherman Acting Award: Julia Waldron. The Sherman Athletic Award: Meg Powell. Jennifer Murphy Scholarship: Natasha Clark. Richard E. Michelman American History Award: Sonya Marx. The Carl Miller Award: Casey Greenleaf. The Thomas H. Obrien Award: Dylan Chickering. The Kendall Awards: Dana Alexa, Tanmatra Bhanti. Erral A. Vaile And Evelyn L. Cleaveland Memorial Trust: John Sawyer Shaw, Julia Waldron, Wynona Meyer, Tylan Kuralt, Olivia Wright. The Collaborative Award: Andrew Gadowski. National Honor Society Henshaw Prizes — Leadership: Nina Goodhue; Scholarship: John Sawyer-Shaw; Character: Rosalyn Pfchor and Oliver Huestis; Service: Trevor Houle. VFW Post 1034: Brennen Zolnoski and Emma Truhan-Swanson. Charles Butterfield Award: John Sawyer Shaw. Ian Robert Bryant Memorial Scholarship: Parker Waite, Anna Gagnon-Burch. The Catherine Huestis Memorial Trophy: Trevor Houle. M. Fletcher Traczyk And Elsie F. Mahaney Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Ahlgren, Katelyn Damian, Nina Goodhue, Aliza Racine, Katie Reynolds. The Elise F. Mahaney And M. Fletcher Tkaczyk Award: Abigail Manning, Rebecca Freeman, Rachel Cristofolini, Emma Harris, Zach Rounds, Kayla King, Alexander Snell, Dylan Chickering. Clarissa Coddington Award: Tristan Hodge. Bemis/Morrill Awards — Humanities: Caitlin Nordheim; Leadership: Tanmatra Bhanti; Math/Science: Connor Tripp; Service: Taylor Bird. Nick And Eli George Scholarship: Rosalyn Pfocher. Richard Daniel Glibbery Memorial: Brennen Zolnoski. Jacobosky Fund Award: Tanner Freeman. James J. Cusick Memorial Scholarship: Ross Momaney. William And Emily Speno Memorial Scholarship: Oliver Huestis. Arsene Momaney Scholarship: Grace LaPorte, Ross Momaney. Vere Shipman Memorial: Jared Morse. The Harry E. Clark Scholarships: Brandi Bulter, lziah Cliche. Helen Ingram Scholarship: Haley Marcil. Streeter Award: Taylor Bird. UVM Dr. Baker Award: Elias Pereira. Coles Cup: Nick Ahlgren. Robert P, Marguerite W. and Jerold R. King Memorial Scholarship: Urmi Minkin, Asha Di Matteo-LePape, Kobi Jaro, Dylan Chickering. E. Gordon Thomas Scholarship: Casey Manning. BUHS Class Of 1940: Carolina Curvo. The Connors Culver McDonald Memorial Foundation Scholarship: Carolina Curvo. Scott Safer Award: Greta Larson. The Eames Award for Further Study in the Arts: Magdalena Buettner, Casey Greenleaf, Connor Tripp. BHS Class Of 1927 Mildred Hallgren Nursing Scholarship: Asha DiMatteo-LePape. Benjamin Bingham Scholarship: Nicholas Ahlgren: The Frederick E. Whitney Scholarship: Madison Derosia, Abby Lesure, Robyn Avery, Brennen Zolnoski. Danny Wojtowitz: Abby Brooks, Daija Germain. University Of Maine Certificate Of Scholarship For Outstanding Academic Performance: Catlin Nordheim, Camille Villeneuve, Alexa Wanwright. 2015 Vermont Red Sox Scholarship: Chorsom Wetchanukroh. Elks: Dylan Chickering, Asha Rain DiMatteo-Lepape, Aliza Racien, Chrosom Wetchanjukroh. Austines: Connor Tripp, John Sawyer-Shaw, Saskia Bailey-De Bruijn, Erik Johansson. BUHS Class Of 1964 Memorial Scholarship: Anna Ganon-Burch and Leon Ogden. Broutsas Boy Scholar Athlete: Tanner Freeman Broutsas. Girl Scholar Athlete: Madison Derosia. Lundbergs: Connor Tripp, Saskia Bailey-de Bruijn. Harold Wagner: Casey Metcalf.



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