Brawlik to perform at Stone Church

BRATTLEBORO — Brawlik will appear at The Stone Church at 8 p.m. on Saturday with the support of the funk jam-band Gridline.

Brawlik is a New York City-based original music collective formed in early 2018. This juggernaut of a band boasts a nine-member lineup (two drumsets, two guitars three saxophones and upright bass and keys) of seasoned musicians and features some of worlds most creative and talented players on the scene.

What is Brawlik? To be too specific is to be inaccurate: With songs ranging from booty-shakers to lush meditations to anachro-noir smash 'em ups, they peep a lot of stylistic angles without getting bogged down in them and deliver an organic sound derived from the sprawling web of relationships that this band represents.

The band started as the lucid dream of drummer Christian Coleman. He enlisted sax phenom Stacy Dillard to help shape the sound. Major artistic contributor, composer and bassist Diallo House rounds out the nerve center of the band.

Coleman and House started playing gigs together around their LIC, NY neighborhood along with Martin Kelley, one of the sax players. In the course of playing a regular hometown gig this dastardly trio picked up guitarist Patrick Maguire. The Coleman/House rhythm section also works with the third sax player and mad scientist Joey Johnson, on his Little Gorgeous band.

Drummer Ismail Lawal is a friend of Coleman's, and House and Dillard had been playing all types of gigs with him and guitarist Michael-Louis Smith for well over a decade, so including them in the band seemed like a good idea. Even with this swirl of musical personalities something was missing, and that something turned out to be Stacy Dillard's longtime collaborator going all the way back to his formative years in Ohio, keyboardist TW Sample. With all those players and influences music director Dillard's vision, taste and keen ear has been key in leading the band through the twists and turns of the band's very unique original compositions and focusing the group sound.

Brawlik's performance at the Stonechurch in Brattleboro on Saturday will be their first performance in Vermont.


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