Cleaning up Vermont Yankee


BRATTLEBORO -- Safe and Green Campaign will present a panel and discussion on decommissioning Vermont Yankee, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 3, at the SIT Graduate Institute International Center Room 101, on Black Mountain Road.

"Cleaning Up Vermont Yankee: Three Perspectives" panelists include Tom Buchanan, of the Windham Regional Commission; Deb Katz, of Citizens Awareness Network; and Dr. Marvin Resnikoff, of Nuclear Waste Management Associates.

Since Entergy announced that it would stop producing power at the end of 2014, there has been much speculation about the best process and time line for decommissioning and decontaminating the site. Entergy has stated it will use SAFSTOR, mothballing the reactor for up to 60 years before beginning decommissioning. Under Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules, there are other options which could begin within five years of closure and which would lessen the economic and environmental impacts to the region.

Each panelist will each offer a perspective on options other than SAFSTRO. Tom Buchanan is the chair of the WRC's Vermont Yankee Study Committee. Since 2007, the WRC has taken a neutral stand on Vermont Yankee while researching and reporting on the issues, and representing the interests of the Commission in pending dockets before the Public Service Board, state government agencies, and the public. Deb Katz, Executive Director of CAN, has worked on nuclear power issues since 1991. CAN was instrumental in the closure and decommissioning of Yankee Rowe and the closure of Connecticut Yankee and Millstone Unit 1. Dr. Marvin Resnikoff , Senior Associate of NWMA, has assisted public interest groups and state and local governments across the US in identifying and creating solutions for radioactive waste storage.

Following the presentations, the panelists will discuss common themes and differences and answer questions from the audience. More information is available at



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