Commentary: Standing around and watching a kindergarten fight

I had a conversation with someone who defended this action saying that they were asking for him to throw them the paper towels so being the great and benevolent man that he is, he obliged. I retorted, "Sure! I completely agree with you. If he was at the site of the largest grape soda spill! Because if my homeland has been ravaged by Mother Nature, leaving me without power, water, phone service, my family scattered and missing, I know the first thing I want is a nice soft paper towel."

President Quicker Screwer Upper of course defended his actions, as he usually does. As Sonny and Cher once sang, "The Beat Goes On!"

After watching another few weeks of what President Comrade Chaos has been doing — attacking the NFL while never clearly denouncing white supremacists, ignoring Puerto Rico, posing for photo ops in disaster zones and so on — it made me think, what do you call someone who is completely void of emotion, someone that is incapable of empathy, but is still aware that he must pretend to care, someone who has total disregard for other people's feelings and well-being? The only thing I could come up with is psychopath. Yup! We've elected some big egos into the White House but this guy is making us completely forget that George W. Bush was, until now, the worst president of the United States.

Here we are, with someone who seemingly can avoid the same laws that govern you and I and does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. The Pumpkin in Chief is able to stick 50 pounds of gaffes into a five-pound sack, and those of us who watch him stand slack-jawed in amazement while his supporters clap louder. And every time they pan a crowd of his supporters, all I can see are the faces of the people he is directly screwing. It just amazes me to no end.

As a nation, every day that he's allowed to be the president is another day we continue to circle the drain. We are literally to starting to devolve from 1987 Bill Cosby to 2017 Bill Cosby. Cosby, who was once a true force that could just open his mouth and people would fall into line, is now someone who opens his mouth and is lucky if someone doesn't slap it shut.

So how do we come back from the Cosby 2017 world? What must we do to right and undo all the Trumpster Fire has done? What's that you say? He's done something else today? Yes, he has, and I'm sorry, but I would have to live action blog my rolling discontent for President Creep Throat and even then, I don't think I could keep up.

I was listening to some internet-based radio station when the DJ came on (a female that sounded like she was fresh out of high school) and said, "You know, sometimes you just have to walk away from it, all the political talk isn't good for you, just shut it off for a while." Again, that's me just grabbing the gist of what she said. But I thought to myself, this is nothing you can turn off! It's like telling people your house is on fire, but just sit on the second floor for a while and try to relax, and when you finally get up to leave, just do it slowly so you don't get tired.

Then it hit me! It's not that the DJ isn't mad about what's going on, she just feels like no matter what she does it won't make a difference. Well, you need to get mad and stay mad! You can't go full ostrich on this one.

If we saw two kindergarten kids getting into a fist fight we would jump in without hesitation and separate them, then ask what caused it and mediate a solution to prevent it from happening again (hopefully). Yet, the adults we entrust to separate the five-year-old, are literally holding their arms out preventing other adults from intervening while saying, "Let's see how this plays out."

Enough is enough, I can't take it anymore! Dolt 45 thinks he's running a reality show and his psychopathic bloviating will cause WWIII if we don't separate the kindergartners. What the hell is up with that?

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