Concert: Heather Maloney


EP release concert for "Just Enough Sun" in the Stone Church, 210 Main St., Brattleboro on Jan. 12 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $15/17 in advance at or advance $18/20 at the doorOn an absolute whim, we decided that it was silly that we didn't have any Vermont EP Release Shows before I leave for the winter tour... SO:"I'll be bringing my new EP, "Just Enough Sun," to you in the newly renovated, gorgeous, meant-to-be-sung-in Stone Church in Brattleboro. Jan. 12 is the digital release day for the new EP, and I'll be celebrating it's streaming / downloading debut with my incredibly talented bandmate (and producer on the new album) Ryan Hommel. An exciting opener TBA. With the local sell-outs we've (gratefully!) been experiencing, please get your tickets in advance for this one!"Over the past month, I went into the studio and recorded six songs. Most are single takes, played live in a room together, instruments bleeding into vocal mics, vocals into instruments; it's the most raw and unedited recording I've ever done. While there is a certain amount of vulnerability in sharing my most unedited self with you, I wouldn't have it any other way. These songs are vulnerable ones. They are underbellies, hidden things, turned-over stones, sometimes unflattering but always worth inspecting. They're what I found when I went digging through my family history, human history, forgotten friends, forgotten heroes, the boxes still in my mom's basement, old dreams and old records I used to know all the words to. There was no other way to record them other than the immediate and cathartic way we did; screaming at the microphone or whispering all of my secrets to it, and leaving it all just the way it came out. I've put it all out there on this one, and it felt damn good to do it." Heather Maloney Robin JohnsonThe Stone Church210 Main Street Brattleboro, VT 05301robin@stonechurchvt.comstonechurchvt.com8025799960


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