Dunbar resigns from Rockingham development director position

ROCKINGHAM — Emmet Dunbar, Rockingham's former development director, resigned on Thursday.

Dunbar said he needed a full-time job to support his family. Dunbar had been holding the office for almost a year. He said that he was under the impression that the position could become full time.

"There was nothing I wanted more than to work full time with the community of Rockingham," he said. The Rockingham Select Board, however, chose to keep the position part time. Dunbar said he'd like to continue his work developing Rockingham within the private sector.

"I've never worked with a better group of people than the employees in the town," he said.

Dunbar is proud of what he accomplished within the town.

"The work that I did to bring together the different villages and individuals in Rockingham was very successful," he said. He's especially proud of the Robertson Paper Mill cleanup project, which received a $200,000 Environmental Protection Agency grant for clean-up efforts.

He thinks the town of Rockingham needs a full-time development director, but he has faith that there are plenty of people within the community who will continue development work.

"If the budget allowed it, I'd still be there," he said.

Municipal Manager, Shane O'Keefe said the town is already advertising Dunbar's position. The position is 25 hours a week and it's an important position for the town, he said.

"Hopefully it will attract some good candidates," he said. There are no proposed changes to the position at this time. He said he suspects he'll be reviewing resumes in early October.

In the meantime, O'Keefe will be performing some of the role's duties. "I've been in contact with different organizations," he said. He said some responsibilities may be handed off to other town employees or officers as well.

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