Ethan Tucker, AIRPod enthusiast, to go on 'Shark Tank'


BRATTLEBORO >> As a Hollywood screenwriter, Ethan Tucker is used to show business.

But he is accustomed to working behind the camera — not in front of it.

The tables turned for Tucker in September 2014, when he stepped under studio lights to pitch the idea of a factory that builds AIRPods, vehicles that run on air. Tucker was a guest on ABC's "Shark Tank," a television show in which aspiring entrepreneurs who desire monetary investments lobby a panel of potential investors. He could not share many details with the Reformer, but said the episode he appears in with start at 8 p.m. on May 1.

Tucker pitched the idea of an AIRPod factory alongside Pat Boone, a singer-songwriter and actor who once hosted the half-hour "The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom" variety show.

Tucker first learned about the AIRPod when he came to Brattleboro a while back to visit his sister and brother-in-law, Ellen and Pierre Capy, the owners of Mocha Joe's, when Pierre mentioned hearing about a car that runs on air.

"I thought it was absolutely perfect ... the minute I heard about it," Tucker previously told the Reformer.

The AIRPod is in development by Motor Development International and is powered by compressed air. MDI and Zero Pollution Motors have teamed up and the latter has the rights to begin commercial production of these vehicles in the United States. Tucker, who got involved during the automotive crisis of 2009, has been named the interim president of Zero Pollution Motors. He has said the AIRPod was invented by engineer Guy Negre, of Nice, France, after years of experience working with Formula 1 race cars.

He explained the process of making it onto the show was more strenuous than one might think. He said he and Boone first had to make an audition video, and that was just the beginning.

"At every single turn, we could have been dropped," Tucker recalled. "They flew me out there (to Los Angeles), but we didn't even know if we would tape."

According to information provided by ABC's media relations department, the episode will also feature a mother of three from Fort Collins, Colo., who pitches the benefits of snack bars connected to a popular diet, a fisherman who holds the world record for biggest striped bass ever caught touting his unique lure that helped him make the catch, and two men from Cincinnati who have created sets of interchangeable eyeglasses and frames. The investors, or "sharks" can make an offer on any pitch.

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