Fish: Instant gratification comes with a delayed bill

I find it funny to have conversations with people who think that the current administration is going to protect our "rights." They should just admit they are OK with the administration as long as it protects the rights they want protected.

For example, I haven't heard of a president yet that has taken away guns rights, yet we still have folks hyper-focused on the issue. Look, if a room full of toddlers being murdered can't get our government to engage in a meaningful conversation around gun control, what on God's green Earth makes you think the baboon's rump currently in the Oval Office would have anything to say about it, good, bad, or indifferent?

But, I digress, and by no means want to talk gun control; I'm OK with you owning a gun, as long as you don't come after my right to talk about it.

But alas, there you have it. If you speak out against this administration, you get a nifty new Twitter nickname, thumbed in by the Orange Fanta Fascist who spends his days dodging wind gusts while criticizing other people's appearances. It's truly Nixonesque — his handling of the press and those that question him. I reached this conclusion after seeing the movie "The Post."

I've said this plenty over my years — we are a nation of largely one-issue voters. Sure, there are many things that define us, but big wedge issues are the things that make us press the button of who we vote for. Here's a great example: the current administration boasts being pro-military, and where, on a surface level that may be true, the health care bill it tried to pushed through a while back would have cost military members (millions of vets) their tax credits and access to health care. Does that sound military friendly? I don't think it does, not even a little.

When we are assigning blame we need to be reminded that the president is only one small sliver of the governmental process; there are three branches of government. It's easy to cut down the tallest tree and if it's blocking the sun, it should be cut down. But let's remember that a lot of the asinine ideas that spew from the president's mealy lips have to be supported by the other branches of our government. Depending on the "balance of power" they either are, or they are not. That's the issue — power. Who has it, who doesn't have it, who uses it correctly and who wields it like a drunken frat boy.

When all is said and done, history will reveal who was on the side of people and who was strictly out for themselves. With a society that operates in the here and now, this is a problem. With a culture bent on instant gratification, we, as a whole, lack the focus to, well, focus on what might be coming around the corner. That is to say, if the policies being handed down are affecting you in a negative way, then you're able to see it clearly. But if it's affecting you positively, then let it rip, and claim it's good for all Americans, show them your bonus check and move on, because today that bonus check bought me a big-screen TV, which is good, because the revolution will be televised.

Fighting back is what this nation was built on. Protest and questioning is what made this country the great nation it is (despite what the stupid red hats say). But we have a president that attacks the press and drives into the minds of people that everything said is #FakeNews. This man believes policy should be created via social media. Houston, we have a problem. While voters step into their polling places with the intention of voting "pro life," they don't appear to understand that they are also voting for the 1 percent to get huge tax cuts while the rest of us pay for it; they don't understand that their instant gratification comes with a bill later on down the line. They also don't realize that the breaking down of the media is bad, truly bad.

The media is for the governed, not the governors. That quote came from the Hugo Black, Supreme Court Justice during the Nixon era when Nixon was busy attacking the free press. At the end of the day, we as citizens need to make informed decisions based on facts, not commentary — this column included. What the hell is up with that?

Fish is the opinionated morning jock on Classic Hits 92.7. He offers up his opinion at 7:50 every morning (Monday through Friday). Let's start the revolution. E-mail him at The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brattleboro Reformer.


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