Kaur, Schoales, Morris win seats on new school board


WINDHAM COUNTY — The inaugural members of the Windham Southeast School District board were elected Tuesday.

Results announced just before noon Wednesday showed Emily Murphy Kaur beat Robin Morgan for a one-year seat to represent Brattleboro in a 312-273 vote. Kaur and Morgan serve on the Brattleboro Town School Board.

David Schoales will take a two-year term representing Brattleboro after taking 313 votes to Ricky Davidson's 260 and Susan Schmitt's 86.

"I'm pleased with the outcome, but not with the tiny voter turn out," said Schoales, who chairs the Brattleboro Town School Board and is on the Brattleboro Select Board. "We are going to have to get to work right away getting budget information out to the towns and getting people involved."

Timothy Morris will take a one-year seat to represent Putney after beating fellow Putney Town School Board member Sergio Simunovic in a 328-197 vote.

Bob Thibault, principal at Leland & Gray Union Middle and High School, was elected to a three-year seat to represent Dummerston after securing 383 votes to write-in candidate and Dummerston Town School Board member Susan Meggiolaro's 122.

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Kristina Naylor, who had no challengers for a one-year term to represent Dummerston, received 523 votes. She chairs the Dummerston Town School Board.

Anne Beekman, who had no challengers for a two-year term to represent Putney, received 471 votes. She chairs the Putney Town School Board.

Kelly Young, a write-in candidate for an uncontested two-year seat to represent Guilford, received 175 votes. She serves on the Guilford Town School Board.

Shaun Murphy, longtime Brattleboro Union High School board member, was elected to a three-year term to represent Guilford. He received 481 votes.

Results from the special election were announced by the school district's clerk Barb Nowakowski. Ballots were "commingled," or collected from the four towns and then tallied at the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union central office.

Brattleboro Town Clerk Hilary Francis had anticipated the results would be announced "within a day of the election" in an email sent to members of the media on May 1.

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