Keeping warm while passing the time

BRATTLEBORO — As temperatures drop again, people seek some relief and fun at the Brooks Memorial Library. Around 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon a small group gathered for free tea and cookies.

Starr LaTronica, head librarian for the Brooks Memorial Library said that they were handing out hand and feet warmers to help people to stay warm.

LaTronica knows the importance of staying open during inclement weather so people can find refuge during a storm, such as Thursday's "cyclone bomb" that dropped several inches of snow on Brattleboro.

Rolf Parker-Houghton and his son, Morgen, 11, laughed while playing a game of chess. Rolf said he had a meeting at the library on Friday and with school being out for the day because of the weather, he brought his son along. After the meeting, they played games and enjoyed their lunch before heading home.

"It's really nice to just come here and read because it has a nice feel to it," said Morgan.

Pat DeAngelo, who was reading while sitting next to the window, was staying warm while waiting for her daughter to get out of work.

"I love the library, they welcome everyone. Sometimes you will see homeless people in here, playing a game, having a snooze, nobody bothers them and they don't bother anyone," said DeAngelo. "Its a safe and secure place for them to stay."

With temperatures dropping even further on Saturday, the library will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m


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