Kelli Corbeil takes WTSA Radio reins

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Wednesday, May 20
BRATTLEBORO -- In the past few years, WTSA has been a family affair and it's going to stay that way.

On Tuesday, Kelli Corbeil, the widow of Bill Corbeil, officially took over as general manager of WTSA Radio, which she and her husband have owned since 2007.

Bill Corbeil died of cancer on April 21.

Kelli Corbeil told the Reformer that she couldn't bear to see someone else as general manager.

"This is my home. This is our family. This is where my heart is. I don't want someone else running it," she said.

Prior to her husband's death, they had discussed the future of the station, she said, and decided Kelli becoming more involved in the station's day-to-day operations was the right step to take.

"I've been here a long time. Now I'm going to lead the pack," she said. "I know what we wanted it to be. The vision we had."

Their vision was to keep the station family-owned and to stay involved in and give back to the community, said Corbeil, who spent 15 years at Chittenden Bank, most recently as a vice president in market management.

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Leaving Chittenden was hard for her, she said.

"I still love my banking job. I have a whole 'nuther family I am giving up."

But in the end, one factor outweighed them all, said Corbeil.

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"For our children, it's the right decision."

The Corbeils have two children -- 2-year-old Zach and 9-year-old Connor.

Connor wants to be a disc jockey someday, she said.

"He has every intention of getting involved. He's very proud of the station."

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Corbeil said she would be relying on the old hands at the station for their guidance.

"I'm lucky that this group is here. They've been involved in radio for a long time. This will be a team effort more than ever before."

When her husband was general manager, Corbeil helped out around the station, but her main responsibility was taking care of the station's books.

"I've been involved the whole time."

Corbeil said she's not planning on making any changes to the radio station, including her sitting in front of the microphone.

"Don't expect to hear me on the radio," she said. "That won't happen."

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