Leadership program coming to Leland and Gray

TOWNSHEND — The Trustees of the Thomas Thompson Trust and High 5 Adventure Learning Center, a non-profit organization headquartered in Brattleboro, have partnered to bring an innovative, leadership program to 7th graders at Leland and Gray Union Middle/High School. High 5's Edge of Leadership (EOL) teaches young people the skills to work together to identify and provide solutions for the challenges facing them in their schools and communities.

High 5 staff will visit the Leland and Gray 7th grade classrooms throughout the 2017-2018 school year, and students will participate in a program combining social and emotional learning, leadership training, and team building. EOL's focus is on shaping a classroom environment that supports learning. It accomplishes this through activities that help students understand how they process, store, and apply information about other people in social situations and interactions. Students learn the way they think about others plays a major role in how they think, feel, and interact in the classroom and the larger world around them. The resulting change in the classroom culture allows teachers to spend more time teaching and less time in classroom management, and students spend more time learning.

According to High 5 Executive Director Jim Grout, "We really appreciate the support of the Thompson Trust in bringing Edge of Leadership to the students and teachers at Leland and Gray. We're looking forward to helping the administrators and teachers begin to shape a new culture for the 7th grade classrooms and the school in what will be a 3-year pilot program with Leland and Gray."

Edge of Leadership, developed by High 5 Adventure Learning Center, Inc. has been implemented in schools and agencies across the Northeast for the past five years. Edge of Leadership is appropriate for youth in grades 5 through high school. For more information go to www.high5adventure.org or call 802-254-8718.


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