Leland and Gray Union Middle/High School Honor Roll


TOWNSHEND — Leland and Gray Union Middle/High School recently announced its honor roll.

Grade 12 High Honors: Danielle Dezendorf, Chloe Fawcett, Kelsey Hescock, Felix Judd-Wright, Danielle Senn, Caleb Thibault and Ethen Waterman.

Grade 12 Honors: Ashley Bates, Greer Bills, Rachel Borgesen, Anthony Carona, Nicholas Fontaine, Walker Hamer, Hannah Hart, Jessica Madore, Mariah Matyas, Tammy Post, Madison Russ, Jessalyn Stockwell, Caroline Tietz and Emma Urbaska.

Grade 11 High Honors: Austin Morse, Emily Pluff and Rachel Sorrell.

Grade 11 Honors: Kelsi Bostrom, Haley Brown, Courtney Dagg, Luc DuGrenier, Gary Gay III, Sage Hall, Elizabeth Halvey, Anna Cate Harrison, Emma Lane, Danielle Mack, Hannah Petronic, Karson Petty, Anastasia Stevens, Morgan Stevens, Gregory Stolpp, Grayson VanHendrick, and Kassidy Wyman.

Grade 10 High Honors: Evan Bernard, Jillian Carona, Kayla Hart, Maris Linder, Lucas Newton, and Fairen Stark,

Grade 10 Honors: Sarah Anderson, Julia Barton, Catherine Brown, Hannah Buffum, Michael Carona, Justin Crosby, Emily Frost, Brandon Holcomb, Aiden McCormack, Kaie Quigley, Maxwell Spicer, and Matthew Young.

Grade 9 High Honors: Arin Bates, Ayden Bills, Madison Chase, Sydney Hescock, Bay Holmes, Jairen Sanderson, and Alexander Urbaska.

Grade 9 Honors: Treynor Crego, Conall Halvey, Andrew Peloso, Veronica Stevens, Curtis Thorpe, Nicola Tolbert, and Avery White.

Grade 8 High Honors: Owen Ameden, Olympia Burke, Lily Dutton, Matthew Emerson, Dylan Greenwood, Abbie Hazelton, Carly Lane, Nathaniel Sanderson.

Grade 8 Honors: Riley Barton, McKade Beattie, Lily Clark, Alice Coyne, Ethan Cutts, Michael Derosia, Lucian Parker-Jennings, Lonnie Place, Trevor Plimpton, Ayla Ryan, Nicole Sanderson, Emma Stover, Liam Towle, Deirdre Whittemore, and Chelsea Wright.

Grade 7 High Honors: Aubrey Bourne, Peter Broussard, Dylan Burrow, Tyler Claussen, Jesse Dykes, Ansley Henderson, Leah Madore, Katelyn Petty, Sylvia Stark, Hope Thibault, and Jasmine Wilkins.

Grade 7 Honors: Kendra Boerem, Hannah Landers, Nicholas Petronic, Raena Sanderson, Evelyn Swim, and Allison



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