Letter: A love, hate relationship

Editor of the Reformer:

What I love and hate about the current political movement: I hate the fact that smug, self-congratulatory, Old White Men got away with the sham they pulled in front of the whole world, their play-act convincing far too many people that up is down, right is left, and nothing is sacred. I love the fact that this hoax has begun to radicalize millions of people toward revolting against the system which has just been sold to the highest bidder. This vile but predictable transgression of boundaries duplicates the act that the new Supreme Court creep did in the first place, but this time it's the whole country that's being raped, and, ironically, in our media-hypnotized national consciousness, no less flagrant act of destruction could foment the revolution now in the works.

Mark Borax

Putney, Oct. 7


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