Letter: A signpost on the road back to democracy?


Editor of the Reformer,

Awoke this morning glad I was wrong about the midterm election. I thought the Republicans would retain both the House and Senate. The Democrats winning the House and losing ground in the Senate points up exactly why America needs a Constitutional Amendment scrapping the electoral college.

Until this is accomplished we remain a democratic republic, not a democracy. How different would America be as a democracy with the president elected by popular vote?

Perhaps the greater question is: Will anything be accomplished in the next two years in light of the wall the president has built between Americans?

Blue vs. Red taking priority over what is best for the country. Echoes of Better Dead than Red or vise versa as government bites off it's nose to spite it's face to "Make America Great Again" with the ugliness of hate, race and division.


Regardless of The Greatest Generation efforts, America has never been great. Granted, America was on the road until the detours marked by the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK. America's values changing from We the People to "What's in it for me"? Greed is good, the Golden Calf, the end justifies the means. It has gotten meaner every day since.

The KKK assassinations were the result of seeds of hate. You reap what you sow.

I sincerely hope the great voter turnout for the midterm is a sign of putting America back on the road to We the People.

Hope is but the dream of those that wake — Matthew Prior (1664-1726).

Dean Lynch

Westminster West, Nov. 7


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