Letter: A sinister scheme disguised as progress


Editor of the Reformer,

What is the deal with 5G technology? Scientists (and military folks who use it as weapon!) tell us, after careful study, that the high frequency radiation comprising the "new, improved" version of technology communication and "service" known as 5G is actually dangerous to health and life of living organisms.

People concerned for our welfare and future warn our governmental folks of the dangers, begging for more studies; some even post yellow warning notices on neighborhood telephone poles to alert Vermonters: dangers approach! Yet our politicians disregard these warnings and allow plans for infrastructure and unfolding irradiation to continue, while other people remove the neighborhood warnings from phone poles. Have we been invaded by suicidal, homicidal maniacs? Maniacs with a plan for quiet extinction of humans?

This is exactly what 5G promises: slow but methodical death and destruction of our friends and family by radiation-caused ill health and disease. And this "progress" is brought to you by capitalist greed promising your future "convenience." Is this what some call "conspiracy"? I call it insanity.

Lynn Russell

Brattleboro, Sept. 13



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