Letter: A slap in the face

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Editor of the Reformer,

On Friday June 19 the Brattleboro Union High School showed disrespect to one of the members of the graduating class by omitting her name and video from their program. This student had the temerity to fulfill her graduation requirements in three years rather than four. She graduated with honors having been an honor roll student each term, being dual enrolled at Landmark College and finishing with a GPA of 3.9. The school will undoubtedly provide a face saving explanation for what occurred. (School administrators addressed the issue and offered an apology on Monday.)

 However, any such explanation does not provide an excuse for this action. As the head administrator of the school, Mr. Steve Perrin must accept the total responsibility for this action. The staff members that allowed this to happen should be held accountable and reprimanded accordingly. I suggest that Mr. Perrin issue a public apology to the student since the ceremony was both televised and available by streaming. I further suggest that the omission be corrected by the arrangement of a special local television program where he can announce her graduation and show the video she was instructed to prepare. I have been informed that there were other three year graduates. Not knowing their names I do not know if they were subjected to the same treatment. If so, Mr. Perrin should include all of the students concerned in his correction. It is my sincerest hope that the School Board and BUHS will institute procedures to insure that a similar situation never occurs in the future. The school should celebrate those students that have the capability to complete their high school education early. The pandemic created a situation that placed extra stress on the students and caused the graduating class to forgo all of those events and memories that are important parts of their last year of high school. This young lady was then handed one more issue that should never have occurred, turning a joyous occasion into a one of sadness. Being left out was hurtful and will be remembered for a long time.

Therefore, it is with great pride that I announce the graduation, with honors, of Kierstan M. Landin as a member of the graduation class of 2020.

Col. Robert F. Landin

Brattleboro, June 20



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