Letter: A terrible injustice

Editor of the Reformer:

Since graduating from Greenwood in 1988, my family and I have remained steadfast friends and active supporters of the school, faculty and student body. My father, Richard Blake, served as a member of the board for several years before I graduated and as board president in 1989. Both of us have never forgotten the life changing impact that Tom and Andrea Scheidler, the Greenwood School and its community has had on our lives.

It is on behalf of Tom and Andrea that I wrote the attached letter to the current Greenwood of Trustees in April of 2017. Sadly, the letter like so many other overtures made by others on behalf of the Scheidler's, have gone unanswered. Tom and Andrea Scheidler deserve better. Reluctantly, I now believe it is necessary to share this in hopes that in shining a spotlight on the issue, that a terrible injustice will be corrected thus affording the Scheidler's the dignity they deserve in their time of need. So many owe such to these two selfless pioneers who dedicated their lives to changing our view and approach to people with learning disabilities.

Matthew Blake

Pitman, N.J., Nov. 13


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