Letter: A void in leadership

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Editor of the Reformer,

We knew we were in serious trouble when Trump created a pandemic task force, and appointed the medically ignorant sycophant Mike Pence to run it. He has refused to use the "defense production act" to insure adequate stock of ventilators and protective equipment were in our hospitals and communities. Just today, (March 24) we heard numerous health professionals warning of extreme shortages. He eliminated the pandemic task force (which he denies knowing about), as well as hollowed out the CDC with a hiring freeze, leaving hundreds of unfilled positions.

Trump has lied about almost everything related to this — calling it a hoax, blaming everyone who is not named Trump, downplaying the seriousness, and trying to set a date that has no medical reason for reopening the economy, full churches on Easter.

Millions of Americans have no idea how they might pay for health care if they have COVID-19, as well as no paid sick leave or leave to care for a sick relative. Many Vermonters support free care for all, including 11 million undocumented people, who may get this virus and be terrified to go to a hospital — this is crucial, or sick people will continue to go to work and infect others.

Please stay safe, but you will not do it by listening to Donald Trump.

Nancy Braus

Putney, March 24



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