Letter: Add 'only' and then, all set

Editor of the Reformer:

I still see a lot of people coming into the Exit 3 roundabout in the right lane and continuing around the roundabout. The right turn only lane needs more than just the arrow, you need to paint the word "ONLY" there too.

I also see people stopping and waiting to turn right in the right turn only lane, people you do not need to stop there, there should be no one coming into your lane, it is your lane and your lane alone. The flow of traffic in the right lane should never have to stop, keep rolling through your right turn and then after you get out of the roundabout you merge into the other lane.

I do not understand how people do not get this, if anyone would like a lesson on how to drive through the roundabout you can contact me on Facebook and I will be happy to meet with you and take you around and around in my vehicle until you get it.

Derek Doucette,

Dummerston, Nov. 17


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