Letter: Amazon can help local businesses thrive

Editor of the Reformer:

Some of the the information in a recent article is false ("Vermont small businesses face an Amazon problem, Nov. 13). Amazon doesn't "produce" many of the goods it sells; they have programs that allows individuals to ship, at Amazon's shipping rate, products to one of Amazon's warehouses and receive payment from Amazon when their products sell.

Amazon isn't destroying or competing with local businesses like it is with the department or wholesaler stores. If anything it provides an outlet for local business owners to easily place their goods in one of the frequented, established, and trusted storefronts in the world. Instead of policies against Amazon. the government should be looking into providing information on how businesses can place their goods in online storefronts instead of falling behind in the economic changes that are inevitable.

If Blockbuster was more flexible and open to change there wouldn't be a Netflix, we would all be streaming on Blockbuster apps instead. Walmart and Target fell victim to the once online book retailer because they thought a person had to hold an item before deciding to buy it. Now these two department grocers are starting to focus on their online presence but it may be too little too late.

I'm all for buying local I just don't think combating such a useful tool like Amazon to be anything that will benefit anyone.

Tyler Colford,

Jacksonville, Nov. 21


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