Letter: Americans are steeped in denial


Editor of the Reformer

Back to back on June 25, The Reformer printed two articles regarding U.S. Government abuse of vulnerable refugees fleeing conditions of death and terror only to find more of the same on arrival here. The Brenda Siegel commentary addressed the issue of concentration camp USA; The AP article presented information as to the what and when of the latest debate by US Customs in incarcerating children in concentration camp conditions.

We, the citizens of this country, practice and perpetuate a culture of self congratulation and self imposed ignorance culminating in unquestioned belief that altruism, selflessness and nobility are ours by birthright. We steep ourselves in deceptive denial as only the exceptionally pampered can. Ensconced in snug complacency, we stay blind to the fact that a nation born of genocide, raised on slavery and fed on racism will be fully inculcated with readiness for Fascistic behavior. As Brenda Siegel points out, we are not just advancing towards the concentration camp moment, we are there. As a campfire set with paper and kindling, we lack only the match.

In the aftermath of Abu Ghraib, in that amazing moment where no collective voice of self introspection was heard, it became clear that no atrocity was atrocious if done by us. The wretched cruel excesses of our current administration are no more than reflection of our past, present or future behavior.

We don't to be this creative, we choose to.

Jim Herrick




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