Letter: Another no vote

Editor of the Reformer:

I'm voting against the school merger on Nov. 7 and here's why. After a few years, schools could be closed against the wishes of individual towns. Our schools and playing fields would be owned by the mega-merged district, which could dispose of them, even if our town wanted to keep things the way they are. Guilford, Putney and Dummerston would each have a single vote on the nine-member Board, and would be easily overruled by Brattleboro's interests. A strength of our community schools is that teachers, principals and staff get to know students and families well, and provide help when families are in need. They help our students get the best education possible. We've built our schools and playing fields and supported our teachers and schools over the years. If the merger goes through, these would no longer be part of our town. I support an alternative plan for our schools, not the "one size fits all" plan pushed by merger supporters.

Ed Anthes,

Dummerston, Oct. 31


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