Letter: Another no vote on Act 46

Editor of the Reformer:

A number of helpful, detailed letters have recently appeared warning of the various dangers of the proposed Act 46 merger. I am writing to the residents of Dummerston to emphasize what the merger would mean for our town.

If the merger takes place as proposed, we would no longer own our school, we would not have our own school board, we would not have our own school district, we would not debate and vote on school matters at town meeting, and in time our seventh and eighth grade students could be sent to Brattleboro.

Dummerston enjoys a strong sense of community. These changes would almost certainly weaken it. If some changes need to be made, let's make them in the context of our excellent supervisory union as it now exists. Vote no on Nov. 7.

Charles Fish,

Dummerston, Oct. 26


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