Letter: Are the Republican & Democratic Parties pro-war?

Editor of the Reformer,

I am a simple man with simple thoughts, so ...

I watched Trump's State of the Union speech and two statements caught my attention: "foolish wars," and "Great nations don't fight endless wars."

Hmm, I thought, that is exactly how I and others feel, and Trump allowed both parties, as they sat there detesting each other, an opportunity to define themselves differently, beyond the same old back and forth rhetoric that we are used to hearing.

So I have a question for the Republican Party: Since Trump is the leader of your party and his goal is to "make America great again," why aren't you endorsing his very words and working to stop "foolish, endless wars?" If your party is NOT pro war, act it, and if your party IS pro war, just simply say so. Stopping war WOULD make America great again.

And for the Democrats: You are generally thought of as the anti-war party, so why not swallow a little pride and admit Trump got this one right? There is only one Democrat on the national stage (Tulsi Gabbard) even mentioning the words WAR, PEACE, HUMAN LIFE, OUR HUMANITY. In New Hampshire, not one senator or congress person voted against the recent Pentagon budget of 717 billion dollars — $717,000,000,000. If your party is NOT pro war, act it, and if your party IS pro war, just simply say so.

For more details on our latest war, the "war on terror," read Paul Krautmann's letter to the editor in the Feb. 5 Sentinel.

In the meantime, a recurring thought that I have is this: We know what war does TO us, let's discover what peace can do FOR us.

And until the Democrat and/or Republican parties start working to end "foolish, endless wars," some of us remain in the "Disgusted Party." It's that simple.



Jeff Scott

Spofford, N.H., Feb. 14


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