Letter: Barreling toward another economic collapse


Editor of the Reformer,

One of the fascinating ironies in our plunge into fascism is listening to so called conservatives complaining about incivility. Defending conservative greed and bullying as something good that has been betrayed by the vulgarity and evil of Trumpism, conservatives are preparing to dismantle health care for as many Americans as possible and push the United States into isolation and authoritarianism if they maintain control of Congress. The cynical incivility trope from the right is backed up by an ecosystem of hate and fear. Right wing media has brainwashed millions of Americans raised on the fake populism of the politics of resentment. Resentment is the proper attitude to have these days, but resentment responding to a government that has abandoned them for the interests of the rich. Resentments can be easily manipulated by culture war emotional gut punches like guns, god, and immigrants. it goes back 50 years, from William F Buckley's elitism and greed to the recent eliminationist rhetoric from the right that has now increased the prospect of being killed if you are critical of Trump and the Republicans. The Republican Party has cultivated this context of fear to gain political power and created the swamp that is now Trump.

The current growth and good economic news will not last and then who will be blamed? As the result of the looting and hollowing out of the economy by Republican economic policies, we're barreling toward another economic collapse. When the dominant group of white male Christians has been made to feel victimized by hyperbolic right wing propaganda, that's when you know fascist politics has taken hold. The idea is creating a national ethnic and racial state, to tear down the state and replace it with a national state based on national ethnic identity, not democratic norms. The President said it himself when he called himself a nationalist. The primary idea in fascism is to destroy economic politics with hyper-nationalism and substitute democracy with one party rule.

Anti-democratic voter suppression and gerrymandered districts have helped create minority rule in the United States. We are at the time in our history when the executive, congress and now the Supreme Court will do the bidding of corporate donors, polluters and climate deniers. A partisan supreme court will decide if the President is above the law, whether corporatism ultimately becomes our rule of law, and significantly alter the health, welfare, and safety of all Americans. We are in a counter-majority dilemma. This has happened in other countries as well, like Iraq under Saddam. The minority Baath Party was around under 20 percent of the population and dominated the Shiite majority for 50 years. This sustained minority rule lasted until 2003 and required extensive surveillance, violence and restrictive social controls. We are seeing more social disintegration and decay as our democratic institutions and foundations are being undermined by fascism. Trump is a true conservative.

Patriotism has come to be defined by the belief that waving the flag or flying military aircraft over sporting events or condemning your political opponents is patriotism. It's nationalism. Patriotism is about preserving democratic freedoms and liberty as outlined in the evolving, limited, flawed and vulnerable Constitution of the United States. Originalists like Scalia, like Thomas, like Roberts, and now like Kavanaugh have a different view of the Constitution. They're pushing an originalist Constitution that defended slavery, voter suppression, and property rights above human rights. Will there be any balance by any conservative Justice to Kavanaugh's hyper partisanship? This is extremely doubtful, since the hollowing of government and the destruction of economic politics is well underway but incomplete. They want it all. This why it's so important to vote on Nov. 6, 2018.

Steve Belczak

South Putney, Oct. 29



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