Letter: Bernie not getting a fair shake


Editor of the Reformer,

I think many Bernie Sanders supporters have just about had it with the national media. The attempt to erase Bernie and his movement of millions is amazing, considering the mainstream media and the Democratic establishment pulled this exact nonsense during 2016, although the DNC's support of Hillary Clinton was a bit more blatant. And it worked so well for them in the last election.

If a person is paying attention to the coverage of the Democratic race, they will see stories such as this, from the New York Times about two months ago: A screenshot of polling data clearly showed Warren, Biden, and Bernie in a close race for the New Hampshire primary. The headline was "Warren and Biden in tight race for New Hampshire." This is one of dozens of examples.

The national media also spends a great deal of time and energy trying to convince us that Trump voters will vote for the Democratic candidate, and that the centrists are sure winners. An example of this was on the NPR news show "On Point" on Friday, Nov. 29. In discussing the Democratic field, they accepted two listener phone calls only. Both were from that tiny minority of Republicans who don't want to vote for Trump, who both stated how much they want to vote for a centrist like Biden. Why should Democrats and progressives make a decision based on what Republicans want, just because they hitched their wagon to a psychopath?

Sadly for many of us, the only way we can actually learn that Bernie has been attracting huge crowds, that he is the only candidate of the majority of the youth vote, and that he has a huge group of active and passionate volunteers, is on social media, or occasionally in Vermont media, as he is our senator. It is clear that we need to keep up the hard work to get a candidate who stands for real change and fairness for working people and for the millions left out of the Trump white Christian orbit into office.

To paraphrase Jim Hightower, there is nothing in the middle of the road but yellow lines and dead armadillos.

Nancy Braus

Putney, Dec. 3



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