Letter: Bicyclists and the Exit 3 rounadabout

Editor of the Reformer:

The Vermont Agency of Transporation recently changed the Exit 3 roundabout road markings. Now, before a car enters the roundabout, it has to be in the right lane to turn right only, or in the left lane when they want to go straight or turn left. For cars, the new markings work very well.

However, for bicycles this new system is very dangerous. I pass through the roundabout on my bike when commuting from my home in Putney to my English class at Vermont Adult Learning. There is no bike lane, so if I want to go straight, I must get into the left lane as I enter the roundabout. But there, I am surrounded by cars and trucks and I feel very vulnerable. Because there is so much traffic in the mornings I have decided it is safer to get off the bike, walk my bike along the sidewalk, and use the pedestrian crossing.

I would like to suggest that cyclists should have been taken into consideration when designing the new road markings and so I would like to ask that the Department of Transportation and the Town of Brattleboro figure out a safe system for cyclists before one of us gets killed or injured. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Takeshi Akaogi,

Putney, Nov. 20


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