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Friday June 15, 2012

Best wishes to former classmates

Editor of the Reformer:

My name is Greg Reuter and I was one of last year’s exchange students at Brattleboro Union High School.

I had an amazing year in Brattleboro and graduated with most of my friends. But I also still have many more friends who are graduating tonight. That’s so exciting and I wish I could be there with them. It won’t be possible because of my exams here in Belgium.

I just wanted to surprise all of my friends and let them know I miss and love them and to wish them all the best in their lives. (Special wishes to Jessamyn Bart, Isabel Block, Teo Radiev, Jacob Ellis, Charlotte Maxwell, Katelyn June, etcŠ)

Greg Reuter,

forever Vermonter,

June 14

Bratt spending
out of control

Editor of the Reformer:

The town of Brattleboro has reached a tipping point in regards to its appetite for municipal spending. What happened to the wise old saying: Make do, wear it out, make it last or do without?

At this rate of spending, many residents on the margins of our society will be doing without their homes. The Selectboard needs to get in touch with reality.

Myles Danaher,

Brattleboro, June 11

Smoke and mirror terminology

Editor of the Reformer:

John McLaughry writes ("Decoding the language of Green Mountain Care," June 11) about Green Mountain Care, the health care system now being developed for Vermont. He faults the GMC board, headed by Anya Rader Wallack, for dodging the term "single payer" in describing the unified and universal health care system the board is charged with designing. He assumes they do that to avoid "a comparison with the 40-year-old government-run system operating just across our northern border."

Perhaps. But who needs to look to Canada when we have, right in this country, a 47-year-old government-run program, Medicare, which works quite well?

My hunch is that it’s McLaughry who’s dodging, hoping to distract us from the success of our own single-payer Medicare system.

Lee Stookey,

Brattleboro, June 12

BUHS softball team had great season

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Editor of the Reformer:

I wanted to congratulate the BUHS Varsity Softball Team on a fine season. They just came up a little short at the end. When you figure how many one run games Brattleboro won the last three seasons the law of averages is going to catch up with you.

Considering eight players from last year’s team had to be replaced, they finished at 16-3, a decent record by most standards. For the seniors, it’s been a great three-year run. Two back-to-back state championships and a final four this year. They beat the two best Division 1 pitchers in Northern Vermont 2 out of 3 years. They will definitely be in good shape for next year.

And who knows? Before the current coach hits retirement age, the players may actually get real dugouts.

Robert Page,

Brattleboro, June 12

We need more than local news

Editor of the Reformer:

Since I wrote my letter on Memorial Day, decrying the lack of national or international news on the front pages of the Reformer (especially irksome on Memorial Day when we are honoring our soldiers fallen in battle, in many cases their having fought to keep us from falling under fascism or worse, and the connection seeming to be lost between our struggles for freedom and the horrors being perpetrated on civilians by a dictatorship in Syria), I have regretted using the word "pablum" to describe the story on the front page that day, and local news in general.

Local news coverage is essential, it is the blood and bones of the community. And in fact, the story I pointed to, a summer science camp put on by Leland & Gray junior high school science teacher Bruce Whitman, sounds like a wonderful thing, and one my own children would have loved.

It was neither local news nor that particular story that I take issue with, but merely the fact that local news seems to be all the Reformer is printing these days, save one page of one-paragraph story summaries for news from "The World."

And to respond to a letter writer’s comment, it is probably because I have gotten the paper for years, and written for it, that I wish it better reflected me and what I see as our unique community ... a community that hosts The School for International Training, teaching people from around the world how to be agents for peace; that has hosted the Women’s Film Festival which has taken pride in the international scope of its offerings; that over the years has generated political groups and events that show up on a weekly basis under the meetings listings; all bringing greater awareness of national and international issues to Brattleboro residents. The resolutions that yearly are part of our Town Meeting acknowledge our connection to a larger world as concretely as anything I can think of.

The paper has in the past year or so changed, concentrating almost exclusively on local news -- in many cases not even news but "feel good" stories (and yes, we all need that sometimes) to the exclusion of real news stories ... even real local news. Let’s have all the local news and thoroughly covered but please let’s not have it be the whole ball of wax.

Arlene Distler,

Brattleboro, June 12

Calling all BHS/ BUHS Alumni

Editor of the Reformer:

Tonight, the 106th BHS/BUHS Alumni Reunion will kick off with a Meet and Greet reception at the Brattleboro Country Club at 6:30. Music will be provided by our own local favorite, Jack Dunham and the Solid Gold Cadillacs -- Alumni Style. As has been our tradition, the annual golf tournament will take place Saturday morning at the Country Club with a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Among other activities on the course, we will have a putting contest near the first tee. Saturday night, join in at the VFW on Black Mountain Road for an evening of dancing entertainment by the Peter Miles Band beginning at 8 p.m.

A new fund raising effort this year is the addition of a Silent Auction. We have had wonderful support from the merchants of our community in offering such items as car care kits, restaurant gift certificates, massage, a $100 Verizon gift certificate, computer time and much, much more. Tickets will be sold Friday and Saturday nights and you do not need to be present to win when the drawing takes place Saturday night at the VFW.

Please come support your BHS/BUHS Alumni Association. Not only will you have any evening or two out, it is likely you will reconnect with friends from high school and have a fabulous time celebrating our local heritage. All alumni, friends and family are welcome so please spread the word.

Susan Avery


BHS/BUHS Alumni Committee,

Brattleboro, June 14


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