Letter: Brattleboro is dangerous

Editor of the Reformer:

While its fashionable to be ultra PC in Brattleboro, I can tell you that we use to shop and dine in Brattleboro several times a week, but no more, and we are not alone. Why? Too dangerous. Junkie heaven, Flat Street shooting galleries, can't walk down Elliot Street without 10 or more aggressive approaches for money. It's like being in a Baltimore City high-risk neighborhood, where I grew up. And Brattleboro has one of the highest crime rates in the state — higher than Burlington, which is five times its size.

Everyone says, its everywhere. Well, no it is not. We visit towns of Brattleboro's size two hours from Washington, D.C., and this does not exist; businesses don't even lock up tables and chairs outside, no graffiti tags, or groups of junkies on the street.

The Brattleboro Select Board and and the town's police department have failed the business community and its citizens. Businesses are moving or failing because junkies have more rights than those who pay the taxes.

David Boyer,

Newfane, Oct. 6


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