Letter: Bring back plastic bags

Editor of the Reformer:

Can we have our single-use plastic bags back please? They are an easy target but I thought people still worried about their carbon footprint. Many of the "facts" touted are fiction. The website www.allaboutbags.ca cites actual studies about paper vs plastic.

If single-use bags are used again or recycled they equal the energy used to make them. Recycling is very easy at grocery stores and even Walmart. Reusable and paper bags use much more energy, water, etc. to be manufactured.

With single-use bags I can carry more, more conveniently. They don't fall apart in the rain, snow, humidity or when full of frozen items. Personally I reuse single-use plastic bags all the time. And now paper bags cost a nickel at Market 32 and Hannaford's.

And when did we stop "saving the trees?"

Jane Swanson

Brattleboro, Oct. 12


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