Letter: Building on the foundation of 'Breathe in, Breathe Out Love'


Editor of the Reformer,

Thanks to the more than 30 people who shared their energy and light in Soyinka Rahim's InterPlay workshop "Shine Your Light on Changing the Race Dance" at 118 Elliot on Wednesday, Oct 2. Through song, dance, dialogue, laughter, and stories, Soyinka enabled us to recognize and awaken unity in our bodies and spirits. Soyinka's vitality has come through working on her own personal trauma, the loss of a brother to violence, and the early death of her mother. So, her music and narrative is infused with authenticity that enlivens others with their own powerful hope. Her favorite refrain is "BIBOLOVE — Breathe In, Breathe Out Love — a practice for people committed to raising the vibration of peace, love, joy, happiness, health, grace and eeeeease" globally.

On Oct. 2, we also began sharing our own stories, fears, and hopes with each other. When did you realize that race was a thing? How did you realize that there is such a thing as white privilege? When have you been surprised by your own story or your common ground with another person? Where do you find hope? Where don't you find it? These are the stories we started to tell that night.

For three Wednesdays in October — Oct. 9, 16, and 30 — we will build on this foundation. Facilitated by Interplay leader Judith Reichsman, we will continue to deepen these stories. All are welcome to join us in the playful movement, vibration, and voice of InterPlay as we move through difficult matters, lift up hope and help each other prevent burnout as we work for growth toward justice.

Join us at 118 Elliot these October Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Feel free to email or call me for more information about the events this month or InterPlay. For more information about Soyinka, see her website www.bibolove.us. Soyinka Rahim, GSP, is a Grassroots Spiritual Practitioner.


Judith Reichsman

Brattleboro, Oct. 7



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