Letter: Bus stop loitering is a problem


Editor of the Reformer,

I would like to follow up on my letter to the editor regarding the Canal Street bus stop. The night of July 10 saw the invasion of about 10 people crowded at the bus stop. They were all lighting something that didn't appear to be cigarettes. A guy and girl were slumped against the dumpster area (which is private property) lighting something on the ground.

The irony of it is one guy told me that tent city is their private dwelling. What about the people who want to take a bus? Did the city give them the bus stop for their private drug and drunk gathering place? Why don't the police patrol more and tell them to move on? No one seems to be doing anything about the situation. One man keeps passing out underneath the bench. The police come and do a wellness check and disappear. The man comes back and passes out again. Will this problem ever be resolved?


Michael Carignan

Brattleboro, July 11



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