Letter: Bye-bye American dream

Editor of the Reformer:

Explain it to me like I am a 4-year-old how a tax cut Makes America Great Again?

In 1986 there was a tax cut and in 1987 the stock market fell by a third. George Herbert Walker Bush raised taxes only to not be re-elected allowing Bill Clinton to take the credit. George W. Bush for the first time in recorded history cut taxes during a war. Have we all forgotten the collapse of 2008? Barark Obama brought the economy back allowing Donald Trump to take credit and now he proposes the biggest tax cut ever: It will be huge.

The only boats rising of this high tide of tax legislation are the yachts of the wealthy as they receive the return on their investment in government through Citizens United — corporations are people.

The only trickle down will be tears as more and more people lose there jobs, health care and the belief in the American Dream before the market does the same. Will social security be the next victim when the deficit created must be dealt with?

In 1979 Washington went Hollywood; all the economic gains after WW II started to be reversed until here we are with the greatest wealth disparity since the Robber Barons. If you had a job before 1983 you had health care paid for by your employer, then the creep started 10 percent, 20 percent of premium; now many pay 50 percent.

Dean Lynch,

Westminster West, Nov. 27


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