Letter: Clean up VY without delay

Editor of the Reformer:

The latest environmental site assessment at Vermont Yankee ("No new pollution at Vermont Yankee," Aug. 30) is good news for Windham County. It provides even more documented evidence that the site is ready for decommissioning. This readiness, combined with NorthStar's proposed purchase of Vermont Yankee, provides an opportunity to help rebuild our community's economic foundation.

Your headline says it all — No new pollution. Since 2001 there have been three non-radiological environmental site assessments performed at Vermont Yankee. All three have given a green light for operations and/or decommissioning. This industrial site is ready to be decommissioned and restored. While constructive vetting is useful to ensure NorthStar's ability to complete the job, there's no legitimate reason to delay the project and the economic benefits our region needs. On the other hand, the 60 year decommissioning plan provides an additional five decades of uncertainty and exposure to environmental risks that are out of our control (such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods).

If the NorthStar sale is approved, Vermont Yankee can be decommissioned in as little as ten years, opening up the site to new possibilities for jobs and economic stability for Vernon and throughout Vermont. While adhering to its mission of protecting environmental health and safety, the state must consider the potential economic and environmental losses of unduly delaying NorthStar's CPG.

Peggy Farabaugh,

Vernon, Sept. 12


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