Letter: Climate change deniers don't deserve a voice


Editor of the Reformer,

Many well informed people who care about the health of the planet and the quality of life of future generations wonder where those who hold the opposite set of concerns get their ideas. Fox News is certainly one source. Anything from the Koch brothers or out of Trump's mouth does it too.

Our most reliable local source for climate denying claptrap and baldface lies about the science of climate change is the Brattleboro Reformer. My fellow Dummerstonian Daniel Sicken beat me to the punch in decrying the latest set of lies and insanities the Reformer published from a Mr. Savoy. We are regularly subjected to the same from Vermont resident denier John McClaughry, a Reformer favorite.

Daniel Sicken's likening of Mr. Savoy's letter to the views of a flat earther is spot on! I too was looking for an analogy. How about publishing letters from writers who insist that gravity is just a theory, that Hitler wasn't so bad, just a misunderstood genius? Or perhaps that there was no good reason to ban DDT which did so much good to get rid of mosquitos?

So please Reformer, as the lead to Mr. Sicken's letter proclaimed, stop supporting and giving voice to deceitful and yes, harmful climate change deniers who have no interest in the overwhelming scientific and daily personal evidence of the threat of human-induced climate change.

Bill Conley

Dummerston, April 11



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