Letter: Climate change is scary


Editor of the Reformer,

Change is unsettling for most of us, and bigger changes make adjustment harder. This may be the experience of Phil Savoy, whose "Commentary" in Monday's Reformer has so many factual errors it's difficult to know where to start addressing them. Fortunately, a vast number of scientists, skilled in both research and communication, have already assembled responses to Mr. Savoy's falsehoods. He could easily read that material for himself and learn about the huge array of research describing the causes and consequences of climate change (e.g., see NASA's page on Global Climate Change, or Climate Signals).

Perhaps the enormity of the climate change disaster is responsible for denial. Or perhaps it's the realization that through our lifestyles so many of us have contributed directly to this problem.

But climate change skeptics can change their minds. For one example, I recommend that Mr. Savoy read physicist Richard Muller's Op-Ed, The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic, in the July 28, 2012 edition of the New York Times. Dr. Muller received funding from the Koch brothers to delve into the details of climate change data. His conclusion: "Humans are almost entirely the cause."

Change is hard, and climate change is scary, but let's take a deep breath, roll-up our sleeves, and face the problem.

Todd Smith

Brattleboro, April 8



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