Letter: Climate commentary was misguided, irresponsible


Editor of the Reformer,

That was certainly an interesting but highly bizarre commentary "Humans have no effect on climate whatsoever," by Phil Savoy in the April 8 Reformer. It's interesting to get a long term view, as he starts out with "11,500 years ago," but much of what he had to offer later in the article appears to be quite questionable, since much of climate change issues have begun at the turn of the last century with the American Industrial Revolution, and the quickly expanding use of cars and fossil fuels for industry.

Mr. Savoy's statement that we should be increasing fossil fuels, which we all know is finite, is irresponsible and misguided. In the middle part of the commentary is lots of what I consider questionable information, including that "Predictions of harmful climatic effects due to further increases in hydrocarbons use and minor greenhouse gases like CO2 do not conform to current experimental (this writer's italics) knowledge." This is mostly all fake news, and although expressing another point of view is certainly viable, I, for one, will have to agree only to seriously disagree with his point of view. In the meantime the polar ice is melting, the sea is rising and within many of our lifetimes, the majority of Florida and other coastal land will be under water and no longer livable.

Carol Levin

Brattleboro, April 9



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