Letter: Do the math


Editor of the Reformer,

According to (GOP chairwoman) Deb Billado: "Our duly elected president has just been impeached by a Democrat House without having been charged with a crime and his good-for-America programs are opposed solely because they cannot accept his 2016 election." Later Ms. Billado encourages us to: "Hold politicians and those in authority accountable for their wrongful acts."

You cannot have it both ways, Ms. Billado. I see your skewed narrative and talking points. Let me respond in mathematical terms so you might be able to understand more clearly: Obstruction of justice x 5 + treason + obstruction of Congress + bribery + extortion + violating the emoluments clause + accepting aid from a foreign government = President Trump (who I accept as our president) should be spending the next four years in jail (if justice exists), not the White House.

Kevin O'Keefe

Brattleboro, Jan. 1



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