Letter: Do your own research

Editor of the Reformer:

According to a recent Reformer editorial: "We urge our readers to disregard the scare-mongering emanating from the opponents of marijuana legalization and encourage them to do their own research" ("Don't fall for the scare tactics of the anti-legalizers," Nov. 16).

To that, I would reply It would be better if your readers ignored your admonitions and read what doctors, law enforcement, educators and those who have lost their children to marijuana have to say. Go to momstrong.org and read these accounts and tell them that they are scare-mongering. Your ignorance in speaking of the old days and the marijuana that was available then (1 percent to a max of 3 percent THC) and trying to equate that with what is happening today with plants that are 15 percent and concentrates that go as high as 100 percent THC and children enticing marijuana laced edibles.

This is an altogether different drug than even 15 years ago. It causes psychosis, has led to suicides and violent actions and those incidents are ever growing in our society. Most of the horrors we read about daily have one thing in common. Marijuana is lurking around the scene and it is usually a concentrate or high percentage of THC product.

The Brattleboro Reformer sure does not engage in fair and balanced reporting and I bet you won't publish this because it reveals your biased ignorance. I too encourage your readers to do research instead of reading the trash from your paper.

Bob Orleck,

Randolph, Nov. 17


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