Letter: Don't force consolidation

Editor of the Reformer:

The following is an open letter to our Windham County legislators.

With the New Year you will be returning to Montpelier representing the voters of your electoral districts. Among the large number of issues that you will be grappling with, we would like you to keep in mind the recent votes that occurred with respect to the Act 46 consolidation proposals in Windham County. We request your legislative support for the outcome of these votes and ask that you oppose any attempt by the Agency of Education and the State Board of Education to force consolidation in those communities that have voted against it.

We further request that you support the alternative governance structures that have been put forth by those communities. In some communities the local school boards have been dominated by former representatives of the Section 706(b) Study Committees who have refused to accept the results of the vote and who keep pushing for a merger to occur contrary to the vote of their respective communities. In addition they have not been willing to engage in a dialogue with the AGS Committee.

We hope that their actions will not dissuade you from supporting the overwhelming results of the vote of the citizens of our communities. Should you desire we are available to discuss this further with you. We look forward to your support.

Paul E. and Jody Normandeau,

Dummerston, Jan. 2


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