Letter: Don't vote too early

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Editor of the Reformer,

Thank you for posting the excellent editorial from the Washington Post on Monday (Feb. 10) titled, "There are no `centrists' in the Democratic race." This is a point we really need to remember throughout this stressful time in our country and the world. All of the viable candidates (and some who are not, or who have already suspended their campaigns) are aiming for progressive action, with variations in degree, pace, and strategy. Good people can disagree about those variations, but all who vote in the primary agree that it's crucial to win in the general election. Along those lines, I'd like to urge people not to vote too early. A lot can happen. You don't want your vote to go to someone who ends up dropping out of the race before March 3. And you may want to vote strategically, and will need all possible data (and let's face it, vibe) about that complicated issue of "electability."

Suzanne Weinberg

Dummerston, Feb. 13



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