Letter: Dr. Geurts deserves respect

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Editor of the Reformer,

We are fans of the Reformer, feeling grateful each day to have a local paper that keeps us informed of local, state and national news. So we were very disappointed to see the cover story ("Doctor affiliated with Grace Cottage disciplined for overprescribing," Oct. 1) describing penalties assigned to Dr. Maurice Geurts for overprescribing a medicine. The article did not do what the Reformer usually does, which is to present a fair review of the situation.

We first met Dr. Geurts when I (Mary) cut my hand, and we went to the emergency department at Grace Cottage. Dr. Geurts' gentle and competent nature calmed me as he put many stitches into my palm. He went over and beyond his call to duty by following up with information from a specialist in Boston about possible surgery to repair the nerve damage.

When the doctor I had left her practice, I knew immediately that I wanted Dr. Geurts to be my new doc, which he has been for more than a decade. He is an excellent physician who listens and addresses one's concerns in a holistic way and always with good humor. I was never a person with body parts. I was a unique human being, one he treated with compassion as well as skill.

Seeing my experience, Michael (my husband) decided to make Dr. Geurts his doc too, and he also has had only favorable experiences. There's good reason why Dr. Geurts was chosen as one of two first place "best doctors" in the 2018 Reformer Survey of Readers. He is a terrific doctor and human being.

Human beings make errors, as Dr. Geurts evidently did. Your article unfairly made it sound like his error resulted in someone's death. If that were true, the judgment against him would have been far more severe. You also failed to mention how deeply respected he is by his many patients. We feel you have sensationalized the situation and degraded the reputation of a decent man and great doctor.

Mary McCoy and Michael Simonds

Windham, Oct. 3



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