Letter: Drug problem is out of control

Editor of the Reformer:

When is enough, enough??? This drug problem with the heroin has gotten so out of control. Rumor or truth has it that Rescue Inc. goes to the same address more than once with Narcan. Whoever came up with the idea to run around with tax payers' money to enable them to keep using! Think about it, the addict can just know that he or she will be saved so why not keep using. Why wouldn't the world be a nicer place if Rescue went around and gave insulin to the old people that will die without it and can barely afford it. See all these drug addicts that are someone's child, mother, brother, ect. They all have a choice maybe not to be an addict, but to use or not use drugs. They all have a choice, there are many people who chose recovery and it works. But only if you want it, you have to want to live your life differently. So come on people let's stop ENABLING. Not for nothing, I lived the hell and if my life didn't change I would have been better off dead. Cause the hell you live in and think there is no way out, HELP has never been easier than now! Get help or die!!

Karen Serricchio

Townshend, July 12


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