Letter: Editorial states false facts

Editor of the Reformer:

The Reformer's June 6, 2018 Editorial Opinion, "Act 46's second act" states three false facts.

The first fallacy declared is, "[t]he state is not going to rescind Act 46."

Many a law once deemed right found repeal. On the highway, I miss my exit ramp. I don't merely continue on my way to some unknown destination thinking, "well, that's that. Let see where I end up." I take the next exit and go exactly where I planned to go. To blankly

proclaim, the horse is out of the barn trivializes segregation's reversal, women's enfranchisement, taxation without representation.

The second misjudgment wrote large: "the Legislature's Democratic majority passed this law and shows no sign of changing its mind ". The Legislature's Democratic majority, of which the opinion refers, does not exist today. New members came and others left since then. The current Democratic majority fights for reelection. They better fight hard.

I cook occasionally. I admit that once I put a cup of salt and a tablespoon of sugar in the recipe. Faced with a choice, I could serve my constituent my lapse because I don't want to waste all that salt. Alternately, I could elect to toss the bum dish out. I reject mistakes and start anew. Every legislator that created the unpalatable meal can decide whether to force the grub down their constituent's throats or rustle up something more to their voter's sense of taste.

The final miscalculation opined: " districts are merged, like it or not for the good of our children." Using the present tense "are" suggests everything is over. It is not. Democratic elections starting June 30 and end on Democratic Primary Day, August 14. Only those successful candidates dash to the November General Election. I suspect that, "for the good of the children, of which the writer thinks they speak," the actual parents, educators and knowledgeable will not return any majority that, "shows no signs of changing its mind." I will neither continue down the highway to wherever nor feed my constituents a culinary blunder.

Wayne Vernon Estey

Democratic Candidate for Vermont State Senate, Windham County

Brattleboro, July 13


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