Letter: Enough is enough


Editor of the Reformer,

After listening to the summaries of the debates, enough with people wanting everything free or subsidized. Free/reduced cost healthcare should only be for those who are sick/cannot work or in between jobs. It should not be a way of life. It should not be for those of working age who are living off their savings or inheritance so their "income flow" is limited. It should not be for those who are faking disability. The same goes for reduced property taxes. It is absurd that in Vermont (and perhaps in other fiscally socialist states) that you can not work, treat every day like a vacation, but get free/reduced cost health care and significantly reduced property taxes. What a ripoff of the system! Want to retire early? Use your nest egg! States: Look at assets, not just "income."

Having children should be a privilege, not a right. If you cannot afford to feed, provide daycare, tuition, etc. with your own money, then don't have children. Don't expect government (the rest of us) to have to pay for everything. Help prevent further global warming: don't have children.

I am certainly not a fan of, nor did I vote for Trump. I will not vote for a socialist presidential candidate either. I certainly hope this nation comes to its senses and votes for someone responsible and Libertarian-minded like Bill Weld or one of the more centrist Democratic candidates (should one of the few get the nomination). Wake up people! What is going to happen when those of us who contribute to the system get sick and tired of subsidizing the rest of the population that does not want to pay their fair share?

Peter K. Sullivan

Northampton, Mass., July 2



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